World-renowned art studio spearheads new permanent Illuminate artwork • Glam Adelaide

Good news could be on the horizon for us Illuminate fans. The team that brought us some of the most immersive visual feasts for the eyes, Ouchhh Studio, was commissioned to produce a permanent piece of public art based on light.

2023 Illuminate Adelaide offered a significant opportunity to co-commission an artwork by
internationally acclaimed creative media collective, Ouchhh Studio.

The proposal sees the artwork centrally located at the southern end of Light Square/Wauwi where it will be in balance and harmony with the existing and culturally significant tomb and memorial of Colonel Light and retain the formal design of the square.

Ouchhh’s concept is to use data from the city of Adelaide for the digital screen embedded in the inner surface of the circular artwork. The innovative idea has already been played with the installation Eye of Mexico. Current discussions focus on the use of sustainability-focused data derived from Adelaide City initiatives and infrastructure.

“Ouchhh’s primary goal is not just to create an iconic landmark, but also to create data-driven public art to inspire and create a sense of wonder for all who experience it through awesome arts,” says Ouchhh Studio.

Conceptual images for the internal digital projection surface as well as progress images from the Eye of Mexico installation

Ouchhh is a creative hub and global innovator with incredible art installations under his belt, including Ocean Data which was a living AI sculpture of maritime proportions featured in this year’s Illuminate season. The Studio is a pioneer in data paintings and sculptures, working with a team of engineers, academics, creative coders, designers and media artists.

Ocean data by Ouchhh Studio

The Studio’s main office is in Istanbul, with around 52 public art projects represented around the world, including London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Paris and more. The Studio has received numerous international accolades and awards.

This ambitious public artwork will be a national first and the only permanent public artwork by this important collective of international artists in Australia.

However, there is no official date as to when the artwork will be completed or when it will be unveiled to the public.

To find out more about the project, visit the City of Adelaide website here.

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