United Arab Emirates: Dubai will soon have the tallest art tower in the world – News


Dubai – Clothespin Tower will have luxury hotel, art galleries, residential apartments, shopping mall

Posted: Fri, 24 Sep 2021, 06:23 PM

Last update: Fri, 24 Sep 2021, 06:38 PM

Dubai’s skyline will soon have a new addition in the form of an iconic 50-story tower, which will be the world’s largest work of art in the form of a building.

As it will be called, the Clothespin Tower will be erected in an undisclosed location in Dubai, hopefully by 2026. It will be the first massive work of art that will allow people to be a part of it in looking at it, entering and living there. .

The huge urban skyscraper – which should be 170 m high – will be shaped like a clothespin. It will take on a unique dimension in the hands of the famous Israeli artist Zygo, known for his series of groundbreaking sculptures, the clothespin project being the highlight of his career.

The idea of ​​the clothespin is based on Zygo’s theory which shows that the clothespin is an entire object constructed with two identical halves that complement each other. One without the other they don’t mean anything, but together they represent something useful – a clothespin. This Zygo calls for a symbol of unity, love, peace and unity.

The world’s first art tower will house a commercial part for a shopping center, contemporary art galleries and restaurants, while another part will house a luxury hotel as well as a residential area with apartments.

Uniquely, the tower will be compatible with cryptocurrencies. Guess can use the cryptocurrency for transactions in the mall, hotel, and tower stores.

To introduce residents of the UAE to the concept of the Clothespin and what it means, the Clothespin Tower team has already smoothly launched the Zygo Art Gallery in Wafi Mall, Dubai. . It has offered exhibitions of Zygo’s artwork over the years, including new works that have never been exhibited before.

The artist and the Clothespin Tower team will officially launch the gallery and unveil the concept of Clothespin Tower on October 5 at the gallery in the presence of artist Zygo himself, who will be coming to the United Arab Emirates for the first time for the official launch.

Speaking to the Khaleej Times of Israel, entrepreneur Jacob Carl, whose team, along with the artist, are behind the project, said: “The tower will be based on the clothespin theory. of Zygo which represents two similar halves separated and united, describing a union of divided souls. Zygo’s main focus is to connect with human emotion and portray the Clothespin Tower as a symbol of hope and eternal love between two divided souls coming together to be united. “

“The clothespin also represents the relationship between Israel and the United Arab Emirates which is based on love, peace and hope and will remind people of the strong bond between the two countries.”

He added that construction of the tower is expected to start in 2023 and be completed by 2026.

“It’s not just another beautiful and cool skyscraper in the emirates; it includes a deep philosophical concept with very emotional meaning. The idea is to make art accessible to everyone, providing a new emotional experience to its people Residents and guests can visit, live and work in the greatest work of art ever created, ”Carl told the Khaleej Times.