UCS student chosen to present artwork in Wayne State exhibit

Kaitlyn Gailey of Utica High School’s “Angry Girl” is the only piece selected from community schools in Utica for the 2021 Tri-County High School exhibit at Wayne State University.

Photo provided by the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History


UTICA / STERLING HEIGHTS / SHELBY TOWNSHIP – The James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History is in the middle of its 2021 annual Tri-County High School exhibit, and a Utica High School student has gotten his work in this year’s exhibition.

Kaitlyn Gailey’s “Angry Girl” is the only piece chosen by UCS. The work was created with colored pencils.

The virtual exhibition will run from March 11 to April 9, 2021. Consult it online at waynestategalleries.org.

This exhibit features approximately 80 selected works of art created by high school students from Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Works of art by students from 19 different schools have been chosen to be part of the exhibition this year.

Laura Makar, director of the Wayne State University Art Galleries Gallery, said Gailey’s work was selected for its technical skill and aesthetic quality.

“The drawing shows excellent technical skills and a solid understanding of the material. This unique portrait uses psychology and color theory to represent a specific emotion. By using bright colors, the artwork not only has strong contrast, but forces the viewer to recognize the artwork and pay attention to detail, ”she said.

She said the work portrayed strong emotions of anger, frustration and annoyance.

“Her eyes and body language become a strong focal point, with her gaze directed towards the viewer, acknowledging your presence. When you watch the play you can’t help but wonder what she is thinking and if her emotions are directed at you, ”she said.

The 2021 Tri-County High School art exhibit marks its 10th year. The exhibition offers high school students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional manner. At the opening reception, members of the Department of Art and Art History are on hand to celebrate students’ creative achievements and answer questions.

On average, the exhibition receives 850 submissions from high school students. Applications are submitted to a jury and selected by a committee of the Department of Art and Art History. At the opening reception on March 11, seven awards were presented to students for their outstanding work.

Each year, the exhibit features approximately 75 selected works of art created by high school students from Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Selections are based on the quality, presentation and appropriate application format.

“All the works selected for the exhibition are extraordinary. This exhibition presents a wide variety of technical skills, supports and content. Many works have concepts that illustrate and comment on contemporary visual culture today. Visitors will be touched by the exhibition and will be impressed by the quality of the work on display, ”said Makar.

Tom Pyrzewski, director of galleries and special programming at Duffy’s art and art history department, said with so many nominations this year, this year’s selections were hard to choose.

“I want to share my deepest respect and appreciation for all of the talented students and teachers who have stood on the front lines to create impactful artwork and design when we really need it. We are happy to have students interested in the exhibit and are encouraged by their participation in these unprecedented times. There were a significant number of applications, including 10 new schools, making the selection process a long but enjoyable experience. The quality of craftsmanship and thoughtful concepts have been remarkable this year. It’s a powerful exhibition, and being online makes for a wonderful portfolio of work, ”he said.