Times Square to host a TIMES3 site-specific piece of sound art

Times Square will host a site-specific piece of sound art called “Times3” as part of Prototype, an online experimental opera festival.

Composer Pamela Z and theater artist Geoff Sobelle collaborate on a site-specific sound journey through Times Square – past, present and imagined … What was this place? What is this place? And how did we get there? In this work of sound and space, the listener is brought into a realm where the city and the score come together, disintegrate and come together again.

Stroll through Times Square and listen to a sheet music specially designed for your experience. Or listen in from the comfort of your home and imagine a city carved by countless hands from a place once covered in trees … which might point in that direction again. This music, created from impressions of a space, was composed so that listeners tune in to the forces underfoot, in time and on the road. It is a soundscape created to make you discover the city.Times3 (Times x Times x Times) is the fourth iteration of PROTOTYPE from Out of Bounds, a platform for new vocal performance pieces set in unlikely places in New York City. Through the works, public places will become temporary spaces for contact, exchange and renewed social dynamics.

Learn more and get tickets on http://prototypefestival.org/shows/times-3/.