The World Art Deposit Day extends practically this year to the art “Boutique” day.

For the past few years, on the first Tuesday in September, artists have hidden works of art all over Denver on World Art Day. This year, despite all the interruptions and cancellations in the creative worlds, Art Drop Day always takes place on September 1st. Denver Arts & Venues is stepping up this year with a virtual element to showcase local artists even more.

The premise behind World Art Day is to connect people through art. Imagined by Jake Provo from Utah, Art Drop Day is essentially a scavenger hunt, with clues found on social media.

Local artists – from professionals to amateurs – create and hide art in a public place in the city. Think about parks, popular pedestrian areas, public buildings and you can probably find a work of art. The Art Drop Day in Denver in 2018 and 2019 provided approximately 1,000 works of art to lucky discoverers.

Researchers just need to search the hashtags #ArtDropDay or #ArtDropDayDenver for clues, or just wander the city in search of art that seems a bit out of place. Any hidden art must be accompanied by a form containing the information of the artist who created it and of Art Drop Day in general.

Furrer Gallery Art

Denver Arts & Venues Executive Director Ginger White Brunetti explained, “This year is special. In addition to artists who hide small works of art, we invite them to be showcased ”online. They call it Art Shop Day.

By highlighting a different group of Art Drop artists each week online and through an email newsletter, Denver Arts & Venues hopes to direct people to the artists’ website to buy directly from them. It’s a gesture to the artists – most of whom suffered during the pandemic, amid cancellations and closings.

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All artists interested in appearing on the online marketplace must complete this form. Any artist who wishes to participate in the Art Drop Party must register with Denver Arts & Venues by September 1 using this form.

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Expect to find a wide variety of fine art in the Art Drop online marketplace and across town on September 1. It’s not just visual art, according to Denver Arts & Venues, there have been books, sculpture, jewelry, music and more in the past.

“2020 has been a difficult year for artists,” said Brooke Dilling of Denver Arts & Venues. “As events are canceled, galleries are closed or face limited opening hours and businesses across the line face economic stress, we wanted to give Denver’s arts community a chance to showcase their talents. . We hope people find a way to support our arts community.