The Grande Mairie looks at a new piece of public art

October 31 — LA GRANDE – La Grande City Council will meet for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 3, during which it will consider two items on the Consent agenda and six new business items.

In the new business section, the board will consider approving a memorandum of understanding between La Grande Parks and recreation director Stu Spence and artist Jason Hogge. This will allow Hogge to develop a public artwork outside of the Cook Memorial Library in downtown La Grande.

The La Grande Arts Commission recommended the memorandum after working with the city’s public art policy to bring in an artist for the public exhibition. Hogge’s sculpture will feature acrylic paints on concrete tablets that form different images depending on the viewer’s position. The themes of the paintings are “honoring the past”, “celebrating the present” and “embracing the future”.

The purpose of the protocol with Hogge is to allow the arts commission to finalize the design and obtain grants, which will go towards the total cost of $ 50,000.

In addition, the council will review a memorandum of understanding between the city manager and Local 924 firefighters, which will put in place new rates of pay for full-time employees for out-of-county ambulance transfers. The purpose of the protocol is to encourage employees to return to work in order to fill a shortage of personnel needed for ambulance transfers out of the region.

Council members will vote on the proposed amendment to Resolution # 4775, 2019 series, which sets the administrative fee for the rental of lodges in the city. The Parks and Recreation Department created a new reservation site, which prompted staff to request an update to rental rates. The proposed resolution will set new pricing standards for the Riverside Park Pavilion and Kitchen, Pioneer Park Rotary Pavilion and Max Square.

Council will consider authorizing an agreement between the city and the La Grande Swim Club and the La Grande High School Swim Team, which will allow the continued use of the Veterans Memorial Pool. The current agreement expires at the end of 2021.

Community Development Manager Mike Boquist will provide a new business update regarding annexing a property on Second Street. The owners requested annexation to the town of La Grande for water and sewer services for the construction of a new dwelling.

The final subject of the new business will be to consider awarding a bid for sanitary sewer rehabilitation to Planned Engineered Construction, Inc. in the amount of $ 192,000. The project will improve the condition of the city’s main sewer lines.