By day, Matthew Martelli is the water facilities administrator for the Revere Water and Sewer Department. But when he returns home, he becomes award-winning artist and oil painter Matthew Martelli. Residents and historians can view Martelli’s latest creation at Revere City Hall: a stunning oil painting of Abraham Lincoln, 16thRead More →

If I ever find myself thinking about paper or printed art, my mind hardly ever wanders off to ghosts. However, as I browsed through Stelo’s group exhibit, “Coalesce,” I couldn’t get the ghosts out of my mind. On each piece of the show hangs the ubiquitous and disturbing spirit ofRead More →

Gillian Wear, Self-portrait at three years old2004. Photo: © Gillian Wearing In the early 1990s, conceptual artist Gillian Wearing began to make a name for herself creating guerrilla-style faith-based performances with volunteers she recruited from the streets or from newspaper advertisements. At the time, she was in her twenties andRead More →

“Ladders” In the center of the room, there are seven ladders positioned vertically. These ladders belonged to people seeking entry into the United States. Written by Timarea Kimbrough, Writer A graduate of Austin College, Scott Nicol exhibits his art at the Dennis Gallery of the Forster Art Complex. His workRead More →

“Ladders” In the center of the room, seven ladders are placed upright. These ladders belonged to people seeking to enter the United States. Written by Timarea Kimbrough, Writer Alumnus of Austin College, Scott Nicol exhibits his art at the Dennis Gallery of the Forster Art Complex. His work compiles imagesRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Erin Jenkins / BMAC From left to right: “Our unfinished business”, “88” and “Taser” William ransomexposure could make you sneeze. “Keep Up / Hold Up”, on display at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, has two unexpected olfactory elements: pine tar and burnt wood. Their nose-ticklingRead More →

The multinational American business magazine Fortune has teamed up with graphic artist pplpleasr, who has worked with DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and Pickle Finance for an NFT (non-fungible tokens) version. (Source:’s August September 2021 issue titled “Crypto vs. Wall Street” goes on sale as aRead More →

A few years ago in my old borough of Queens, I came across an ornamental column in the middle of the rubbish on the sidewalk. Regret prompted me to back down and bring the plaster orphan home. He has since moved with me to Chicago, where, wearing a pothos, heRead More →

Jerry Garcia Music Arts Partners With SuperRare And Carbon Offset Company Aerial For Historic First Mission-based Jerry Garcia Music Arts has partnered with fellow Environmentally Listening Aerial Platform to release Jerry Garcia’s rare digital artwork, “Gift,” on the Super rare Platform. The coin will be available as a non-fungible tokenRead More →

I guess we take our art where we can get it now. Whether it’s the Short North hosting a virtual Gallery Hop, the Wexner Center stepping up its “Off Center” initiatives, or the Columbus Museum of Art featuring the hashtag #myCMAathomeinstitutions and arts advocates continue to adapt to the stay-at-homeRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Bigtown Gallery Piggy Bank by Liz Quackenbush In an article titled “Artistic getaways: four galleries worth seeing, “Art New England was recently named BigTown Gallery in Rochester, Vermont’s must-see gallery. The decidedly small town gallery, bordering the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest alongRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Gerald Auten “Tokyo in Los Angeles” Graphite generally suggests pencil drawings consisting of strokes and lines, but in “Gerald Auten: Graphite Insomnia “, currently playing at White River Gallery in South Royalton, the artist uses powdered graphite or graphite pencil to construct pictures in aRead More →

After about two weeks of waiting, the sheath was removed on Friday from a new public sculpture at IKEA Burbank that had raised a few eyebrows before its unveiling. Under the blanket was a 16-foot-tall abstract sculpture of a vase named “Bobble,” created by Christian Moeller, a renowned artist andRead More →

Photo: K. Ignatiadis, courtesy of the artist and Matthew Marks Gallery Compared to good art, “it’s much harder to talk about great art,” said sculptor Charles Ray, of Robert Gober’s spooky work, the subject of a 40-year retrospective survey at MoMA, titled ” The Heart Is Not a Metaphor.” “IfRead More →

After seeing the exhibition of works by Albrecht Durer at the National Gallery of Art, I was happy to emerge into gray skies, a bit of drizzle and emptier streets than usual. This exhibition of drawings, watercolors and prints borrowed from Albertina Museum in Vienna, is so good and captivatingRead More →