Gillian Wear, Self-portrait at three years old2004. Photo: © Gillian Wearing In the early 1990s, conceptual artist Gillian Wearing began to make a name for herself creating guerrilla-style faith-based performances with volunteers she recruited from the streets or from newspaper advertisements. At the time, she was in her twenties andRead More →

By Dedra CordleEditor-in-chief Messenger photo by Dedra CordleThe Grove City community visited the new Beulah Park Living development on September 17 for the unveiling of the “And They’re Off” public art installation. Designed and created by Upper Arlington resident Craig W. Murdick (pictured here), the 12,000-pound Corten steel structure commemoratesRead More →

Content of the article The city’s first large-scale permanent public art installation in more than 40 years was quietly unveiled on Thursday. Content of the article “Horse and Cart” by Nicholas Crombach, now based in Victoria Park, “refers to an old-fashioned children’s tricycle from the horse and buggy era” –Read More →

The City of Nanaimo is disposing of three long-standing outdoor public art installations showing “significant” wear and tear. At their Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on March 22, city councilors voted to remove Dan Richey’s Dungeness Crab sculpture, which has been in Maffeo Sutton Park since, from the city’s publicRead More →

A new public artwork that celebrates community and nature will be installed at the West Vancouver Community Center next year. The artwork, titled “Small Worlds”, is designed to complement the installation’s vibrant outdoor space and encourage community interaction. Upgrade the West Van donated $ 100,000 to the District of WestRead More →

After about two weeks of waiting, the sheath was removed on Friday from a new public sculpture at IKEA Burbank that had raised a few eyebrows before its unveiling. Under the blanket was a 16-foot-tall abstract sculpture of a vase named “Bobble,” created by Christian Moeller, a renowned artist andRead More →