Sideshow’s New Campaign 2 Art Piece Is Up For Pre-Order

Sideshow has put together a new Critical Role artwork for pre-order.

Product pictures and description

As the Wildmother watches the seas in Nicodranas, Fjord finds herself with a renewed purpose and a reformed blade as a member of the Mighty Nein. Previously lending his sword to the evil leviathan Uk’otoa, he now wields Dwueth’var, the Starry Razor, as a divine example of the goddess of the wilderness and the sea. Her healing waters cascade over the cliffs behind Fjord while menacing tentacles beneath the waves remind the charismatic captain that his past remains tangled in darker tides.

Each Fjord Refjorged Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and embossed seal of authenticity as part of the critical role sideshow collection. Available as an unframed giclee or in a custom framed presentation, this Mighty Nein art print makes an inspiring addition to any Critter collection. Pair this print with Sideshow’s Fjord – Mighty Nein Statue, sold separately, for an even more powerful pairing on your shelf.

Release date and price range

The release is scheduled between the rest of this month and next month. The unframed version will cost $85, while the framed version will cost $270.

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