Route 1 now also has a small free art shop

The latest addition to the free little Route 1 Corridor Art Gallery is a hangar filled with free art supplies.

Located outside of Art Works Now in Hyattsville at 4800 Rhode Island Ave., the Little Free Art Shop is an brainchild of founder Barbara Johnson, who noticed during the coronavirus pandemic that some students did not have home art supplies.

“It’s a shed where people are free to donate and / or pick up supplies for free 24/7,” she told the Hyattsville Wire. “And a lot of times we stock it ourselves with basic items like watercolor paint sets, brushes and things like that.”

Johnson said she has seen people pick up and leave supplies in the shed since they set it up, and the mother of a student, Betsy Martin, who is an award-winning art director and designer, turned to volunteered to paint it. Donations of all general art supplies can be placed in a bin at the back of the hangar, where they will be sanitized and sorted.

The Supply Shed complements other Art Works Now efforts during the pandemic, such as running online classes. It joins Little Free Libraries along the Route 1 corridor, as well as Little Free Art Gallery and a Little Free Food Pantry.

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