Random drawing purchased by man turns out to be original work of art

A man got very lucky after he picked up a sketch at a real estate sale for $ 30 (Rs 2,245) and later found out that it was in fact an original work of art worth of about $ 50 million.

This anonymous man liked a picture of a mother and her son that was drawn on yellow linen. He had no idea that it was an original work of art of any importance, even though it bore one of the most famous monograms in the art world: “AD” by Albrecht Dürer.

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According to Smithsonian Magazine, the work was then reviewed by experts and academics who agreed that this original sketch was easily worth £ 37million ($ 50million).

Apparently, the elegant design was sold in Massachusetts in 2016 by the family of the late architect Jean-Paul Carlhian. It was previously transmitted by the family. The Carlhians had long assumed that the sketch was a modern reproduction, but Schorer had a different idea.

Clifford Schorer, an art collector, said: “It was an amazing moment when I saw the Dürer. It was either the biggest fake I’ve ever seen – or a masterpiece.”

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There were two revealing features that verified the authenticity of the sketch. The artist’s monogram was made with the same ink as the drawing, and it was made on paper bearing a watermark seen on over 200 sheets used by the artist.

Eminent Dürer scholars Christof Metzger, chief curator at the Albertina Museum in Vienna, and Giulia Bartrum, former curator of the British Museum, examined the work and found it to be authentic, according to the Journal of the Arts.

According to a statement, the 1503 sketch depicts the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ as a toddler. The two are seated on a grassy knoll supported by a rudimentary wooden fence. In contrast to this rustic environment, Mary wears a thick, draped coat whose fine fur “stretches … in opulent pleats across the grassy ground.”

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What superb luck, isn’t it?

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