“Ladders” In the center of the room, there are seven ladders positioned vertically. These ladders belonged to people seeking entry into the United States. Written by Timarea Kimbrough, Writer A graduate of Austin College, Scott Nicol exhibits his art at the Dennis Gallery of the Forster Art Complex. His workRead More →

“Ladders” In the center of the room, seven ladders are placed upright. These ladders belonged to people seeking to enter the United States. Written by Timarea Kimbrough, Writer Alumnus of Austin College, Scott Nicol exhibits his art at the Dennis Gallery of the Forster Art Complex. His work compiles imagesRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Erin Jenkins / BMAC From left to right: “Our unfinished business”, “88” and “Taser” William ransomexposure could make you sneeze. “Keep Up / Hold Up”, on display at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, has two unexpected olfactory elements: pine tar and burnt wood. Their nose-ticklingRead More →

Travelers who flock to this popular New Orleans art destination are as enthralled by the art as they are the man behind the work. Share this article SUpon entering Dr. Bob’s iconic boutique in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, curious strollers will find themselves among hundreds of his instantlyRead More →

In his new exhibition “Alone In This Together”, now presented at M. David et Cie Gallery, painter Mary DeVincentis expresses the heightened sense of mortality that has resonated throughout the past year of the pandemic. Using mixed media, ranging from flash paint to plastic skeletons, DeVincentis creates poignant narratives drawnRead More →

There is a certain amount of energy and movement in all art forms. Theater, dance and music all share clear paths to exuberance and animation. Visual art can also take the form of form and energy. “Afterimages: Geometric Abstraction and Perception,” on display at the Akron Art Museum through Jan.Read More →

Barry Whitehouse, owner and manager of The Artery, has launched his own hand-painted watercolor painting – “Barry’s Paintbox” – to mark his company’s 11th anniversary. (Photo submitted) The Artery art store on Parsons Street opened 11 years ago this month. Barry Whitehouse, owner and director of The Artery, has launchedRead More →

By Dedra CordleEditor-in-chief Messenger photo by Dedra CordleThe Grove City community visited the new Beulah Park Living development on September 17 for the unveiling of the “And They’re Off” public art installation. Designed and created by Upper Arlington resident Craig W. Murdick (pictured here), the 12,000-pound Corten steel structure commemoratesRead More →

Melissa Haist is about to complete her 40-foot, 25,000-piece mosaic bench behind her boutique and art gallery. SAFETY HARBOR, Fla .– Melissa Haist is understandably grateful to the dozens of people who helped bring her “Pandemic Project” to life. “I registered 135 names, of people who signed up, but thereRead More →

Click to enlarge “Injustice Of Silence”, wood-fired ceramic, porcelain, glass, steel, 63 “x 25” x 25 “, 2017 Paddling is a term used by ceramic artists to refer to the gentle tapping and shaping of malleable clay shapes with flattened wooden tools. The six large ceramic sculptures by the Anglo-AmericanRead More →

The multinational American business magazine Fortune has teamed up with graphic artist pplpleasr, who has worked with DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and Pickle Finance for an NFT (non-fungible tokens) version. (Source: finance.yahoo)Fortune’s August September 2021 issue titled “Crypto vs. Wall Street” goes on sale as aRead More →

A letter from the souls of the dead silently points in several directions at once. This exhibition by Aki Onda (they / them), artist and composer currently based in Japan, opened at Portland Institute of Contemporary Art July 10 to an enthusiastic audience. Masked attendees filled her warehouse to watchRead More →

A NEW exhibition at the Gallery At The Art Shop, Ilkley, shows different responses to the campaign from two artists who live in the area. Laura Dawes creates atmospheric paintings using watercolors, which are often painted in situ. While Helen Brayshaw has developed a process using acrylic paint which allowsRead More →

Last update: July 28, 2021 Written by Susan Gilbert Find out what’s happening in Arlingtonwith free real-time Patch updates. UPDATE, July 28: Arlington’s culinary options continue to expand. On July 19, the Select Board unanimously approved two additional food suppliers: Ginger Exchange Express/Master Pies Are you hesitating between ordering aRead More →

Click to enlarge Luke Awtry Christy mitchell A Smart Message begins with the very title of Christy Mitchell’s latest solo installation at Burlington’s SPACE gallery. “Holding Pattern” is a double meaning – at least – and a meaning is immediately evident in Mitchell’s use of old-fashioned pattern wallpaper. Less obviousRead More →

Sigma has redesigned its popular 105mm macro lens for mirrorless cameras. Angela Nicholson watches closely Since its announcement in 2011, Sigma’s 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM macro lens has been on nearly every macro lens recommendation list. This is a widely respected optic that is available in a rangeRead More →

The latest addition to the free little Route 1 Corridor Art Gallery is a hangar filled with free art supplies. Located outside of Art Works Now in Hyattsville at 4800 Rhode Island Ave., the Little Free Art Shop is an brainchild of founder Barbara Johnson, who noticed during the coronavirusRead More →

A few years ago in my old borough of Queens, I came across an ornamental column in the middle of the rubbish on the sidewalk. Regret prompted me to back down and bring the plaster orphan home. He has since moved with me to Chicago, where, wearing a pothos, heRead More →