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The Houston couple married in 2012, and although Veronica immediately went off birth control, they put off trying seriously to get pregnant for a while, until their mid-30s, never imagining that they might have fertility problems. “It wasn’t something we talked about,” Veronica says, citing cultural factors.

There were no miscarriages and no “fear” of pregnancy. Veronica had had regular OBGYN checkups, but no one ever suggested running tests to make sure everything was working properly, or told her about the options. Yet she thought little of it.

When they were ready for kids, they got serious and tried for four years. They tracked ovulation cycles, used a calendar. It was a very stressful time.

Veronica was about to turn 35 and decided she needed answers as to why they weren’t getting pregnant. Her OB was still unconcerned, said she was still young. But Veronica knew they had been together for 15 years without pregnancy – that’s not normal. They made an appointment with CCRM Fertility in Houston, which took their insurance.

Dr. Katherine McKnight put her at ease and explained to her how widespread the problem of infertility is. It’s something the couple saw for themselves at CCRM Fertility, where so many other women and families were going through the same thing. The fact is, misunderstandings about infertility are rampant in Houston, as a recent CCRM Fertility study demonstrates; for more details on the survey, see the box on the right.

For Veronica and her husband, CCRM Fertility did all the testing to find they had ‘unexplained fertility’ – which meant everything was working with her and her husband, but they weren’t working together. Dr. McKnight offered options for moving forward, including IVF.

The journey to this point had been difficult for the couple. At the very beginning, they had a difficult conversation: “Do we agree with ourselves alone?” And Veronica found it emotionally difficult to walk down the baby aisle at Target or attend friends’ showers, never knowing if she’d ever get a chance. They also had financial limitations, even though insurance partially covered IVF.

In the end, they went in knowing it was a gamble and decided they could be happy with or without kids. They went there.

Initially, they performed two rounds of treatments, the first of which was a “fresh transfer”, which is when the embryo is transferred without genetic testing. It did not work. But in the second round, they did genetic testing, and it was successful! Out of 15 eggs, three grew and one healthy egg became their daughter Xiomara, who will be 2 years old in March.

Veronica completed her third round of IVF in September and is currently pregnant again!

CCRM Fertility Houston, 929 Gessner Road, Suite 2300, 713.465.1211,

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