New artwork arrives at Central Park in Huntington Beach

A public art project planned for Central Park in Huntington Beach will provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy moments of reflection in the most literal sense.

Huntington Beach City Council voted unanimously earlier this month to approve the art installation, which will feature two 13-foot-high pillars made of stainless steel on the concave side and etched brass on the convex side.

The theme of the work is “Seeing yourself in nature”. The reflective quality of the stainless steel side will allow visitors to see themselves and nature at a glance. The pillars will be spaced four feet apart so that visitors can walk between them.

At night, there will be small lights in the ground to illuminate the project.

“It was very important to the committee that there was interactivity in this room,” said former mayor Lyn Semeta, watercolor artist and multimedia artist who led an ad hoc public art committee of Huntington Central Park. of seven members.

“People will be able to engage with the play and it will attract them, so they will experience it as part of the park. In the end, I think the design of the project… is original and it was specially commissioned for our site. Importantly, it harmonizes with the unique architecture of the Central Library and the natural aesthetic of Central Park.

The project, which will be completed by RDG Art Studio, should be completed by next spring. The cost of the part must not exceed $ 300,000.

Plans call for it to be located east of the Secret Garden, several meters from the existing footpath, and visible from the central library’s reading platform.

“We looked at different locations, but this one really made the most sense,” said Semeta, who gave a presentation to the board on July 6. “This is one of the most used areas. We have events in this area like the [OC] Cherry Blossom Festival, the auto show and other big events. We wanted to make sure it was an important place for the community and a very central place in our park.

The Board approved RDG in December to supplement s. Following a virtual town hall and survey, the Design Review Board approved the final concept presented by the committee and the RDG on June 10.

Mayor Kim Carr, who was also on the public art committee, said it was an interesting process for everyone involved in the planning of the art installation as everything was done from virtual way.

“I think the whole committee worked really well together to fine-tune this and modify it in a way that will be meaningful to our residents, and really create an iconic piece that I think we will all be proud of for years to come,” Carr mentioned. “I’m really excited about this. It will almost act like a beacon so people will be drawn to this area. “

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