Natural Light Beer installs artwork in Grand Central Terminal that highlights rising college debt

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The world’s most expensive artwork to be on display at Grand Central Terminal draws attention to the growing cost of university as well as the impact of university debt.

Natural Light Beer unveiled this installation, titled Da Vinci of Debt, in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal. The facility was created using 2,600 authentic physical diplomas provided by real college graduates across the country.

“The art world is filled with absurd price tags that most people find impossible to justify,” said Daniel Blake, vice president of value brands at Anheuser-Busch. “This is what made it the ideal medium for this campaign. It’s a very apt analogy for the exorbitant cost of attending a typical four-year college and through Da Vinci of Debt we hope to inspire action around the college debt crisis and get more fans to participate. to be lucky enough to have the Natty College Debt Relief Program repaying their student loans.

The installation is in residence from January 14 to 16. A complete gallery of the installation will be visible virtually at

Photo courtesy of Natural Light

Da Vinci of Debt is a fascinating collection of real diplomas, suspended in the air as if a gust of wind had dispersed them all 2,600 in Vanderbilt Hall. The design aims to illustrate both the scale of the crippling debt crisis while also alluding to the chaotic impact college debt creates on those burdened with it. Each diploma has been carefully cast in place and brilliantly suspended using an intricate network of cables.

Only in the art world can a banana sell for $ 120,000 and an artist’s used linens for $ 150,000. While other works of art like these are valued arbitrarily, the value of Da Vinci of Debt is derived from the average total cost of a four-year college education. With US university debt hitting an all-time high of $ 1.7 trillion in 2021 and the average graduate paying over $ 180,000 by the time their degree is in hand, Natural Light is calling the world’s deep pockets. fine arts to see its exhibit and are open to entertaining bidders on the historic artwork.

The Da Vinci of Debt installation also celebrates the return of the Natural Light College Debt Relief program, launched in 2018. Each year, Natural Light provides $ 1 million to help students and graduates who continue to be burdened with debt. university. Now entering the fourth year of his ten-year, $ 10 million pledge, Natty reveals the “highly classified” plan behind his $ 100 degree rental in 2020 as he unveils the magnificent exhibit.

“If that means giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the college experience without the debt that comes with it, we’re all ears,” Blake said. “Natty is committed to doing everything possible to provide real solutions to college debt, and if there is a serious bidder, you know where to find us… @naturallightbeer.”

For more information on the Natural Light College Debt Relief Program as well as the 2021 enrollment rules, visit