Music as a Work of Performative Art | KLSU

In pop culture, some artists present themselves using performance art and in a certain avant-garde way, like Lady Gaga, while others use their own music to create this certain style of art of the performance.

XoBrooklynne has become popular online for spreading body positivity, but has also sparked a mountain of hate. When Brooklynne said she was releasing a song, the internet immediately went to tear it down with hateful comments. There was a song release, a music video, an album, and multiple collaborations with other people on the internet. Turns out everything was a character.

Brooklynne spent months planning a character she would play across all of her platforms. When the album came out, everyone knew she wasn’t serious about music. It was 14 variations of the same song. Later she shared that it was a huge performance piece she was doing and she was using music to do it.

Although a bit older, we can’t forget 2015 when the internet went crazy with Who Is Fancy? Jake Hagood, aka Fancy, released the song “Goodbye” in February 2015 with the idea of ​​making the world guess who Fancy was. Three music videos were released, all identical except for the identity of the main person. Each music video dealt with the theme of gender identity and body positivity.

The internet was going crazy trying to figure out which of them was Fancy. As it turned out, none of those people in the music video were. The real Fancy is Jake Hagood and revealed himself on stage during a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Another internet project mixing music and performance art, Lauren Wheeler or Classiclaur on TikTok. After getting one of those comically large birthday cards from an ex-boyfriend and opening it to find it blank except for a little note on the outside, Lauren decided to make something out of it. thing. She has stated in videos that the map looks like performance art and that she will create her own piece or performance art with the map.

Lauren writes poetry, not music, so she enlisted the help of different musicians to turn her poems into a breakthrough album. There are 12 songs (poems) on the Birthday Card album, from folk songs to pop songs, each artist adapts the poems in a different way. The song titles are little phrases taken from the little note left on the back of the birthday card. There is also a CD sold with the small CD booklet in the case, and where the song’s discography is usually found are his poems. The album hasn’t been released yet, but people are looking forward to it.

Although these are just three examples, more and more artists are using music in new and creative ways. Whether it’s pranking the whole TikTok or creating a breakup album based on a Spiderman birthday card.