Mother-daughter duo opens art store in Ormond Beach

by: Tristen Perez, Contributing Writer

Carrie Jepsen and her mother Renata Holder opened ARTique, an art store, on April 13 in Ormond.

They previously owned a successful business in Dallas, Texas, and wanting to move to the beach, they came to spend their time in Ormond. After living in town for a few years, they decided to recreate their store in the community of Ormond, and their new store is located at 600 S. Yonge St., Unit 10.

“We are very happy to share our art and the creations of other talented locals with our neighbors and friends at Ormond Beach,” said Jepsen.

ART. Courtesy photo

ARTique offers a wide range of products including original paintings, sterling silver and polymer clay jewelry, pen and ink sketches, home decorations, and more. The finished artwork is provided by local artists.

Compared to the previous boutique, ARTique’s selection focuses more on the beach and the local community, while maintaining a contemporary collection. Jepsen strives to ensure that the boutique atmosphere is warm, welcoming and relaxed, creating an environment distinct from traditional art galleries or gift shops.

Jepsen’s experience in marketing and advertising, coupled with Holder’s interior design, will be used to create a solid foundation for ARTique.

Visit or call 310-9774.