Mercedes-Benz Collaborates To Create G-Class Artwork For Charity

Benz’s big G takes on the allure of a toy for a custom project designed to inspire creatives around the world

Mercedes-Benz partnered with the American designer Virgil Abloh to create Geländewagen Project, a contemporary design piece to help raise funds for a charity that supports international creative communities.

The result, a sort of cross between a Hot Wheels car and a sneaker, seeks to showcase the iconic G-Class shape, while providing a clean, streamlined representation of luxury.

The exterior has been reduced to its most basic form, with handles (except for a pull tab on the front door) and redundant trim removed, and all elements are finished in the same glossy white paint. .

Smooth balloon tires on white one-piece rims provide an almost cartoonish stance, while the window glass has been mostly replaced with a stockcar-like mesh.

The crossed ribbon on the headlights, a nod to historic motorsport, also recalls the “crossed eyes” motif used by the American artist KAWS.

Inside, everything has been traced back to the G’s bare painted metal, replaced by a pastel blue roll bar contrasting with flashes of red and a hugely streamlined dashboard.

Oddly enough, all of the operating hardware seems to be in place, making it a twin-turbo 430 kW V8 sculpture.

Abloh, currently Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Men and former creative collaborator of Kanye West, seeks to use the project by “inspiring young artists, engineers, designers to challenge the status quo, in addition to experimenting with my own abilities to design. “

Mercedes-Benz Design Director Gordon Wagner says of the project:

“With Project Geländewagen, we create a unique work of art that showcases future interpretations of luxury and the desire for beauty and the extraordinary.

“The result is something between reality and the future.”

A replica of the Abloh / Wagner Geländewagen project will be auctioned as part of the Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated collection, with auctions available from September 14.

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