Memphis woman creates memorial artwork honoring Young Dolph – FOX13 News Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Since Young Dolph’s death, FOX13 has shed light on the legacy he left behind.

The Memphis rapper was laid to rest on Tuesday. To honor this local hero, a Memphis woman has created a commemorative piece of art.

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“He always takes this time to show his appreciation, support and love for the people of Memphis,” Domonique Madden told FOX13.

Young Dolph’s love and support has not gone unnoticed by many people living in Memphis, including Madden.

“His Thanksgiving turkey gifts, exactly what he would do for the community. Coming here and supporting different events,” Madden said.

To show his love and appreciation for Young Dolph’s giving spirit, Madden reached out to the family to create a commemorative coin.

“The family approved. They said they would like a piece done and felt it would be beautiful,” Madden said.

Madden said for nearly two weeks she had been focused on creating a piece that would embody the life and legacy of Young Dolph.

“It was a little pressured because I really wanted to capitalize on who he was and make sure they felt it through that room,” Madden said.

Since posting the finished product on her social media pages, her tribute to the family has gone viral.

“Anytime you can spread the love through your gift, seek to do so. And that’s all I set out to do. I wasn’t expecting anything from this track, but I’m glad it touches a lot of fans and family,” Madden said.


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