Melting Fender Stratocaster artwork to appear at Degrees of Separation street art event starring Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison

Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison are set to showcase their work in an upcoming post-pandemic installation at Julien’s inaugural art exhibit in Beverly Hills, Degrees of separation.

The exhibit is hosted by Julien’s Beverly Hills of Julien’s Auctions, the latter having been the focus of some of the guitar world’s most eye-catching online auctions.

Planned to showcase unseen works of art from a handful of the world’s best in street art, including Blek Le Rat, RISK, Estevan Oriol and Meg Zany, the exhibition will see the sale of over 50 original pieces.

The main installation is a mixed medium piece by famous street artist Plastic Jesus titled “The Art of Noise,” which features an actual cherry red Fender Stratocaster that seems to melt.

Jesus The Art of Noise Plastic Fender Stratocaster Sculpture

(Image credit: Julien’s Beverly Hills)

The six-string-inspired piece is one of the artist’s latest projects and will be sold at the event for $ 20,000, with Plastic Jesus website qualifying the Strat at the center of the sculpture as “fully operational”.

Navarro and Morrison will also have their works represented at the exhibition, having collaborated with artists RISK and PADHiA. Navarro’s work, an immersive cuckoo clock installation, will be featured alongside Morrison’s large-scale butterfly painting.

For more information on the event, which will be open from June 25-27, visit Julien’s auctions.

Dave Navarro and the artist PADHiA

Dave Navarro and the artist PADHiA (Image credit: Julien’s Beverly Hills)