Las Cruces Police and Local Artist Create Artwork Using Rocks to Show ‘LCPD Cares’

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico — The Las Cruces Police Department and other volunteers came together Wednesday morning to create an artwork using rocks to show how much “LCPD cares.”

The project was a partnership between the LCPD and local rock artist Kathy Murrow.

LCPD Community Outreach Officer Alex Rodriguez said he reached out to Murrow through Facebook to help the department create a permanent mural outside East Mesa Public Safety.

“Our cadets and our academy staff here actually built a memorial and the community started to adjust to that, they started bringing flags, started bringing flowers,” Rodriguez said. “That’s how I saw this hill, being a memorial that is linked between the community and the gendarmerie.”

Nearly 20 volunteers from different organizations transported and moved several tons of stones, all of which were donated to create the work.

“The message at the bottom really says it all, ‘LCPS Cares,'” said artist Kathy Murrow. The coin shows two hands holding three crosses and three stars to represent the town of Las Cruces.

“I had made cardboard cutouts of the element of the design so I would lay the cardboard on the surface and all they had to do was tip around it, lift the cardboard and tip the indoors,” Murrow said.

“It’s going to be a constant reminder to those who walk this road that we care, and it’s our constant reminder that we’re here for them,” Rodriguez said.