Introducing the Outdoor Life blanket art store

The readers of Outdoor Life are a stubborn group. But if there’s one thing our audience can agree on, it’s how much they love our classic covers. We challenge anyone to peruse our catalog of iconic hunting and fishing covers and not want to hang one (or six) on their wall.

Part of that is because we have 123 years of historical hunting and fishing illustrations to our credit. These blankets were painted by renowned outdoor artists and featured every subject imaginable: moose hunts on horseback, white tails with big antlers, good hunting dogs, gruesome bear attacks, risky canoe trips and much more. Moreover. But the connection to our covers runs deeper than any scene or painting. It’s what these blankets have meant to so many athletes over the years that makes them special. For over a century, issues of Outdoor Life have landed in the mailboxes and inboxes of millions of readers across the country. Spotting a new cover was an experience in itself, but it also meant that another adventure-packed issue of their favorite magazine had arrived.

Now another good day has arrived. For decades, readers have demanded (and in some cases demanded) that we turn our blankets into wall art for their homes and camps. So we launched the Outdoor Life Cover Shop, where you can buy Outdoor Life covers. There are solid prints and framed versions available in two sizes, and they start at just $ 18.

You will notice that there are currently a limited number of covers. In our first collection of vintage blankets, we feature 16 of Outdoor Life’s most popular blankets of all time. (And a calendar – every hunting camp needs an old-fashioned wall calendar.) These include a few holiday covers, as well as timeless favorites that will look deadly no matter what the season. These blankets make perfect gifts for almost everyone on your list, including yourself. Hang our blanket in your family room, cottage, camp, garage, basement, outbuilding or anywhere else with room on the wall.

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And that’s just the beginning. In the coming months, we will be releasing new covers in the store. These will include permanent additions to our collection and other limited series. Keep an eye out for drips from White Tails, Waterfowl, and Western collections, and maybe even a limited series of our annual retro covers by animal artist Ryan Kirby. In the meantime, you can still purchase our current offers here. Be sure to let us know which covers you would like to see available for next time around, and you might see your favorite in the next issue. You can reach us at [email protected], or drop your request in the comments section.