Grid Studio iPhone and Apple Watch Framed Art Review

Apple fans tend to pile up old products in their homes, possibly on a shelf or in a drawer to collect dust. Rather than letting Apple’s history become unwanted objects for dust collection, Grid studio aims to transform them into artistic wall decoration.

Grid Studio, whose motto is “Every Classic Worth Framing,” takes Apple products and breaks them down component by component, placing them in beautifully labeled, neat and organized frames for your home or office that beautifully adhere to the standards. devices’ intricate designs.

Grid Studio offers a selection of legacy iPhones, the most popular being the original limited edition iPhone. Grid Studio only offers 999 of the original iPhones in its frames collection, and each frame comes with a special plate that lets you know which unit out of the 999. In my case, I received the 197th frame.

first iphone 1 minute
Each frame is labeled with the names of many components, but also other popular additions such as their dimensions. In addition, although the frames come with a transparent plastic cover, they can be removed, allowing you to directly touch the various components. If you do, however, be aware that the components inside are dust collectors and can be difficult to clean.

iphone 3gs min
For this review, Grid Studio sent not only the first generation iPhone‌, but also the d’origineiPhone‌ 3GS, iPhone‌ 4S, iPhone‌ 5, and the original Apple Watch. Besides each frame with a different device, their design is very similar. Each has the name of the device alongside a short paragraph explaining its introduction and history.

iphone4s iphone 5
Every device in the collection is genuine, as is every broken part, including the screen, logic board, speaker, and cameras. The only exceptions are batteries, which for safety reasons are replicas. Beyond the level of detail within the frames themselves, Grid Studio also takes packaging into account.

iphone history timeline
All frame packaging includes neat glyphs of iPhone, original Mac, and iPod. With the original ‌iPhone‌ framework, however, Grid Studio includes additional special elements. Most notably, the original ‌iPhone‌ frame comes with a printed timeline of iPhone‌ history, including foldable 3D images of Steve Jobs and information for all current models. The print quality is superb, with an excellent glossy finish.


What is certain is that Grid Studio has taken into account every possible detail, not only in deconstructing and framing a range of Apple products, but also in the experience from the arrival of your package. For anyone who enjoys Apple products or just wants to show off the evolution of products over the years for themselves or as a gift, Grid Studio undoubtedly offers a great way to do it.

How to buy

At his website, Grid Studio offers frames for most Apple iPhones, including iPhone‌ X, first generation iPhone SE, iPhone‌ 5S, iPhone‌ 8, and more. The price varies depending on the size and rarity of the devices. For example, the original ‌iPhone‌ frame costs $ 599; However, as noted above, Grid Studio has a limited supply of the original iPhone‌ and it is currently listed as sold out.

Frames for other ‌iPhone‌ models are typically priced at $ 169 and up, although Grid Studio is currently holding a sale. The Apple Watch Series 0, as well as the iPod touch, are also available, as are an assortment of other smartphones and portable gaming systems.