‘Footprint’: Greek Artist Creates Land Artwork in Honor of 2022 Paxos Biennale

Greek artist, The Krank, has completed a 1000 square meter land art project titled “Footprint” near Mongonissi Bay in Greece in honor of this year’s Paxos Biennale.

The Paxos Biennale takes place on the island of Paxos from June 7 to October 31 and features works specially created especially for the festival by the participating artists with materials found locally.

Italian-born Paxos Biennale founder Marina Tomacelli Filomarino has an affinity for Paxos, inspired by its diverse sites. She created this festival and invites artists to express their creativity in this unique environment.

“We wanted to identify contemporary artists who could create thought-provoking, site-specific works in remote areas,” says Filomarino.

“I believe sculptures have a much greater depth in nature than in galleries.”

Due to her love of the island and the Ionian Sea, she also developed the goal of increasing healthy tourism on the island in the long term.

The large-scale installation is a poignant metaphor for humanity’s ongoing and devastating impact on ecological systems around the world.

To create this impressive work, the artist worked in silence for 15 days, shaking the island of Paxos with his bold and touching message.

Specifically, the artworks highlight the urgent need to balance economic growth, social well-being and environmental preservation.