Fanshawe Program Coordinator Added Artwork to Museum’s Permanent Collection

Collection at: Museum London / (Supplied by Gary Spearin)

Fanshawe’s Fine Art program coordinator Gary Spearin now has a piece in Museum London. His piece, 401Exit232 East and West, was recently purchased and placed in their permanent collection.

401Exit232 East and West is part of a larger exhibition he did for the Woodstock Art Gallery in 2018.

“The whole exhibition was inspired for this location by Jack Chambers’ painting 401 Towards London, Number One, 1968-69,” says Spearin. “This painting was made from the same location I shot for this exhibit, which is the Woodstock bridges that cross the highway.”

Spearin’s goal with the piece purchased by the museum, in particular, was to capture the relentless flow of traffic.

“I made about four or five trips to the bridge with a camera and tripod and took thousands of photos. You always know the highway is noisy. But when you stand on one of these overpasses for hours, you just notice the river if the traffic never stops.I wanted to capture that essence and I wanted the simplicity of a photo.

The idea came to him as the 50th anniversary of Chambers’ painting approached. He contacted the curator of art at the Woodstock Art Gallery and he started his exhibition.

Museum London was very excited to buy his piece and put it in their collection. It will be featured in a permanent art exhibit titled “Taking the Long View” for anyone who wishes to see it.

“He really pays a lot of attention to different aspects of our city,” says Cassandra Getty, art curator at Museum London. “Generations from now on will have access to it and see what life was like in this area.”