Dimondale to install its first public art work in 2022

Dimondale is installing his first piece of public art next summer.

The Dimondale Arts Commission has selected Bridge between the banks as the village’s inaugural work of art.

The sculpture, by St. Johns artist Ivan Iler, is a tribute to the city’s past and present architecture and will feature a bridge scene made up of multiple layers of metal. The old iron bridge, since replaced by a modern bridge, is the main artery of the village.

Iler, who has created other public art sculptures across the state and whose work has been featured in the Netflix series Metal Shop Masters, says the sculpture will have a sense of dynamism.

“The layers are going to stay away from each other,” Iler said. “You know, give it a three-dimensional effect from two-dimensional pieces. So as you go past it, it’ll feel like you’re going, you know, past the banks of the river past the trees in the woods, because they’re going to go past each other. “

Even though Dimondale is only a 15-minute drive from Lansing, many people have yet to walk it, Arts Commission Chairman Camron Gnass said.

“Our village is, although picturesque, it is very attractive to visitors,” he said. “And we have a lot of people who are surprised at what the village has to offer.”

Iler says it means a lot to him to be able to participate in the creation of public art.

“All public art is the creation of places,” he said. “It gives people a sense of belonging and even people who visit are like, ‘Wow, this is a nice place. … It’s a place that cares about you know, works of art in their community. “”

The sculpture will be unveiled in early summer 2022 in the village’s pocket park at the corner of South Bridge Street and East Jefferson Avenue.

Funds have already been secured for a second piece of public art, Gnass said.