Digital Artist Lu Yang Releases New Artwork In Augmented Reality, Gigant DOKU

Long-time global partner of Art Basel, Bmw, and the virtual and augmented reality company Acute Art come together this week to showcase the digital artist’s high octane and future artwork Lu Yang.

Yang’s latest creation, “Gigant DOKU” will be shown at the latest edition of Art Basel from their online viewing rooms, “OVR: Miami Beach” from December 2 to 6, and the interactive augmented reality piece can be experienced anywhere and downloaded from the Acute art application.

About Acute’s Partnership with BMW Jacob De Geer, CEO of Acute Art commented: “The world has stopped moving and people have stopped traveling, but human creativity never stops. Acute Art’s new partnership with BMW is proof of a shared vision and comes at the right time. . Our ambition has always been to reach people outside the traditional institutions of the art world. Our company was founded on the vision of bringing art to places where it couldn’t be before. During the pandemic, our aspiration acquired a new urgency. Art needs new ways to reach its audience.

Lu Yang represents the new wave of digital artists reflecting the chaotic virtual and real worlds we live in in insanely majestic and deeply hypnotic works of art that speak deeply to our generation. Yang’s fierce, in-your-face style is inspired by her love of Chinese cultural and spiritual history, manga comics, contemporary youth, and gaming subcultures, and puts a virtual mirror at the height of insanity. of our reality. Yang has a deep interest in traditional dance and performance and merges them with her knowledge of robotics, appropriating futuristic notions about an emerging post-gender and human society in which the lines between the objective and metaphysical world are blurred.

“Gigant DOKU” takes Yang’s digital avatar “DOKU” and confronts him in the physical world as a giant dancing superhero. The piece is developed by an advanced game engine and uses motion capture image data collected during the artist’s BMW Art Journey through Tokyo and Bali.

Yang’s BMW Art Journey is where the inspiration for the “DOKU” movement was taken. During this trip, Yang explored how the human body can overcome its limitations and its deployment in historical and current cultures. Researching how humans negotiate their evolutionary relationship with machines, the journey took Yang to Bali, Indonesia, where the artist used motion capture devices to record the dancer’s gestures by analyzing the most subtle bodily movements. .

Commenting on Yang’s artistic journey, Hedwig Solis Weinstein, Head of Brand Cooperation, Arts and Design at BMW, said: “Creative freedom, innovation and worldview through unique eyes of a new generation: BMW’s artistic journey can take an artist almost anywhere in the world. – to research, imagine and create new works. Lu Yang’s journey pushed physical boundaries and, thanks to the new partnership with Acute Art, extended to a digital dimension connecting his peers across the world and sharing a participatory spirit.

In addition to showcasing Yang’s “Gigant DOKU”, OVR: Miami Beach will host selected works by the artist, retracing the artistic evolution of Yang’s current work. The work immerses the viewer in a fictional universe, confronting philosophical concerns about what it means to be a human being studied in the hypnotic, disruptive and thrilling visual language of Yang.

You can download and discover the interactive works of art of Lu Yang’s “Gigant DOKU” on the Acute Art app here and be sure to visit the Art Basel site to check out Lu Yang’s digital exhibition here.