Dead Startup Toys, another performance art piece from MSCHF, lets you revisit some of tech’s worst ideas

Look, not all startups can be a winner. Dead Startup Toys, another drop from the internet collective known as MSCHF, plans to commemorate this.

You see, it’s not enough to have a bad idea. All the little toys of this real online store are little versions of real products that got real funding and then really, really fell apart when everyone revealed how really useless they really were.

Dead Startup Toys for Africa?

Products on offer include representations of the Juicero (an over-designed juice press that was easily replaced by human hands), the Coolest Cooler (which made a huge bank on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and then completely failed to deliver), as well as the One Laptop Per Child project, the miniLab Theranos, and the Jibo Social Robot (that one, people were sad to see go).

A toy version of each was available for just $ 40 a piece, or as part of a boxed collector’s edition, but the MSCHF drop is completely sold out – which is typical for that sort of thing. You can always check out the store and the story behind each device. It’s a pretty wild race.

MSCHF is known for this sort of thing. Previously, they made a pair of Nike shoes that really, really upset Nike, and they also recently got their hands on one of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots and let internet users control it, along with the paintball gun mounted on it.