Placeholder while loading article actions Long before ragas, chicken tikka or Bollywood films were exported from India, international demand for textiles from the subcontinent was strong. These items did not simply move from local bazaars to distant markets involuntarily. Many decorative fabrics were made expressly for customers in places asRead More →

Placeholder while loading article actions The kind of person depicted in the National Portrait Gallery’s “The Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today” is quite different from those typically depicted in such institutions. The subjects of the show’s 42 portraits are not rich, famous or politically powerful, and are less likely toRead More →

By Charles Giuliano Strict beauty: prints by Sol LeWitt is an irresistible opportunity to immerse yourself in an important aspect of the artist’s work Strict beauty: prints by Sol LeWittat the Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, until June 11. “In conceptual art, the idea or concept is the mostRead More →

The new Burrell collection will be open to the public on March 29. The Burrell Collection, Glasgow **** On March 29, the Burrell Collection reopens after a £68.25million refurbishment and six years of closure. The operators of Glasgow Life hope the new Burrell, repaired, relocated and fitted out for theRead More →

I can’t remember what social media platform I was on when I first saw Pat Boas’ installation of wallpapers and paintings. The work is at Oregon Contemporary as part of the exhibition “Hallie Ford Fellows in the Visual Arts 2017 -2019”. Yet the moment I saw the abstract patterned wallpaperRead More →

By Claire Crittendon & Rachel Shepard – Co-editor and editor-in-chief Less than 10 minutes from Lasell is Frida Kahlo’s sketchbook in the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University. With free entry, a simple online reservation system, and the presentation of a vaccination card, visitors can access each wing and seeRead More →

Kurt Cobain at MTV’s Live and Loud, Pier 63, Seattle WA, December 13, 19931993 printed 2010color photographyAlice WheelerAmerican, born in 196127 x 40.5 in.Gift of Clinton T. Willour in honor of Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom.Courtesy of Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle.© Alice Wheeler Before leaving for the opening of kurtRead More →

Urban construction sites have a longstanding (and often ignored) ban on affixing advertisements and leaflets to the temporary construction barriers and plywood barricades surrounding them. This ban usually boils down to the simple directive, POST NO BILLS. In his latest exhibition at the Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center in Worthington,Read More →

DANCE: Drawn from within, ‘Unveiled’ touches the soul Katakali Jana | Published on 19.02.22, 00:36 As dancer-choreographer Srijaini Ghosh (pictured, left) chose to assert her individuality while forging connections between epic, legend and her own classical training, one experienced the exquisite joy of watching a visceral performance which looked likeRead More →

IN 2020, as an in-demand muralist, Lakwena Maciver (Features, August 28, 2020) created large-scale paintings on two public basketball courts in Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Working with the main forms of the components of the court, its bold and vibrant design combines geometric patterns with acidRead More →

“The task of perception is to pulverize the world, but also to spiritualize its dust.” -Gilles Deleuze, The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque This passage, highlighted in the gallery notes accompanying Catalina Ouyang’s current exhibition three betrayalsserves as an excellent point of reference for navigating Ouyang’s rich and fragmentary works.Read More →

The art movement of surrealism was born from revolutionary and consciousness-transforming roots just after the First World War. Although it no longer has the counterculture, anti-colonialist sayings it once espoused, Surrealism retains its intent to provoke deeper meaning and reflection through a twist or even a sideways take on howRead More →

If I ever find myself thinking about paper or printed art, my mind hardly ever wanders off to ghosts. However, as I browsed through Stelo’s group exhibit, “Coalesce,” I couldn’t get the ghosts out of my mind. On each piece of the show hangs the ubiquitous and disturbing spirit ofRead More →

Gillian Wear, Self-portrait at three years old2004. Photo: © Gillian Wearing In the early 1990s, conceptual artist Gillian Wearing began to make a name for herself creating guerrilla-style faith-based performances with volunteers she recruited from the streets or from newspaper advertisements. At the time, she was in her twenties andRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Cathy Cone “A Capella Crack” Like visual analogues of a foreign language, Cathy ConeThe black and white photographs of escape easy interpretation. Viewers may wonder what happened just before an image was created, or if any clues to the mystery lurk beyond the frame. WhatRead More →

Click to enlarge Pamela Polston © ️ Seven days Extract from the installation “Objects of Empire” by Bradley Borthwick Bradley Borthwickthe exhibition of “Empire Items“conveys more than it first appears. In the gallery on the second floor of Burlington’s BCA Center, warm spotlights focus on two rather austere installations. TheRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Erin Jenkins / BMAC From left to right: “Our unfinished business”, “88” and “Taser” William ransomexposure could make you sneeze. “Keep Up / Hold Up”, on display at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, has two unexpected olfactory elements: pine tar and burnt wood. Their nose-ticklingRead More →

In his new exhibition “Alone In This Together”, now presented at M. David et Cie Gallery, painter Mary DeVincentis expresses the heightened sense of mortality that has resonated throughout the past year of the pandemic. Using mixed media, ranging from flash paint to plastic skeletons, DeVincentis creates poignant narratives drawnRead More →

There is a certain amount of energy and movement in all art forms. Theater, dance and music all share clear paths to exuberance and animation. Visual art can also take the form of form and energy. “Afterimages: Geometric Abstraction and Perception,” on display at the Akron Art Museum through Jan.Read More →