Maine, 2016 Photo by Judy Glickman Lauder/courtesy Maine Jewish Museum Sometimes we don’t know what the artists themselves collect until they die. It turned out that Andy Warhol was an obsessed lover of cookie jars, eclectic furniture, jewelry, and Native American artifacts. Other times they are quite public about theirRead More →

The art movement of surrealism was born from revolutionary and consciousness-transforming roots just after the First World War. Although it no longer has the counterculture, anti-colonialist sayings it once espoused, Surrealism retains its intent to provoke deeper meaning and reflection through a twist or even a sideways take on howRead More →

Click to enlarge Pamela Polston © ️ Seven days Extract from the installation “Objects of Empire” by Bradley Borthwick Bradley Borthwickthe exhibition of “Empire Items“conveys more than it first appears. In the gallery on the second floor of Burlington’s BCA Center, warm spotlights focus on two rather austere installations. TheRead More →