Banksy may have planted a work of art in the contemporary art center

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Photo: provided by Frizk

The alleged Banksy painting (center) at the Contemporary Arts Center, hung among the works of “Mamma Andersson: Memory Banks”.

World-famous art maverick Banksy may have left a mark on the Contemporary Art Center last month in the form of a half-peeled banana.

A local artist – who also operates under a pseudonym – says Banksy contacted them via an Instagram DM to hang the painting, which was designed in a style similar to the current CAC. Mamma Andersson: memory banks exposure.

“Honestly, I’d rather the art museum hung it up than give it back to me,” Banksy’s DM read. “If they hung it up in their museum, it would prove that my point of view is correct.”

This “perspective” – ​​as recounted in an email exchange with local artist Frizk – is that art should be something that can be universally appreciated.

“But because of the way the modern art industry is run right now, only a very small percentage of people can choose which art is good and all other art is rejected, even if it is just as good. “, says Frizk. “The banana didn’t make any sense, but when people came and made sense of the piece, it proved that the modern art industry is a scam.”

In a statement, CCA communications director Joshua Mattie said the work was taken down shortly after being placed in the gallery.

“The paint was in place a few minutes before it was discovered,” says Mattie. “Visitors who claimed to ‘vlog’ about their visit to the museum asked the guard on duty to visit the exhibit and this was discovered as they made their way back to the opposite end of the gallery.”

The number of visitors who actually witnessed the painting is a mystery in itself. Don’t visit the ACC expecting to see a Banksy original – the artwork was taken down shortly thereafter and is currently lying around in lost and found.

“The CAC has a long history of supporting and exhibiting the work of artists aligned with the auspicious street art. Beautiful losers exhibition in 2004 at the major exhibitions of JR, Swoon and Shepard Fairey. It wouldn’t be surprising if Banksy wanted to be part of this legacy, ”Mattie said in response to Banksy’s claim. “However, given that Banksy’s identity was never officially recognized, it would be difficult to confirm if he was actually involved. or visited the museum. Since the alleged artist has not yet come to claim his painting, we cannot speak of his identity. The table contains the initials ‘JK’. “

Frizk confirms that two University of Cincinnati students helped him by distracting the CAC security guard as he placed the board on the wall. Why did Banksy use a pawn instead of throwing it himself? Frizk says they couldn’t risk having the face of the internationally renowned provocateur caught on camera. Where is Banksy currently located? Unknown.

Banksy contacted Frizk on December 2; the painting was placed at the CAC on December 5.

“I don’t really admire a lot of people, but when Banksy sent me a DM I didn’t expect it and was both surprised and happy,” said Frizk. “Of course I said yes because I think he’s one of the most real artists and I wanted to be a part of him.”

See full DM correspondence below, as provided by Frizk:

Now, in a symbolic gesture, this article will be deleted in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … we’re joking. Long live Banksy.