ARTS FOCUS – Hawke’s Bay Art Review winners announced

Olivia Watts and Chris Kilgour (alias “Basgetti”), level 7 students of Ideaschool, deliver their selected work to CAN.

While life is still very far from our old “normal”, CAN is focused on catching up with the exhibits and events that have been affected by this year’s lockdown.

The building was buzzing with excitement as the 61 selected works arrived for the 2021 Hawke’s Bay Art Review exhibition and awards, postponed from its original September date.

The Hawke’s Bay Art Review is a curated exhibition showcasing excellence in art in Hawke’s Bay, relaunched as a biennial competition by Creative Arts Napier in 2017.

Open until Thursday, December 9, the exhibition spans all CAN galleries and foyers and admission to the public is free.

Earlier this year, emerging and established local artists were invited to submit entries in painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, multimedia, design, textiles and ceramics from artists across New Zealand, who have connections close with Hawke’s Bay.

CAN received a record 174 entries for the contest, which were sent to our coach Tyson Campbell for digital viewing, with no name attached.

The beauty of a “blind selection” is that the artwork is judged purely on its merits.

The breeder can use his own subjective judgment and is not influenced by who the artist is.

We were delighted to know that some of the selected artists are young and emerging and this is their first experience of being selected to exhibit.

One such artist is Max Crossan who, at only 20, is currently studying for his Bachelor of Creative Practice at Ideaschool, EIT.

He arrived with his piece at the same time as incumbent artist Robyn Fleet. Robyn has been painting since graduating with her BA in Art and Design about seven years ago.

Events such as the art review are essential in building our artistic communities and encouraging our regional artists to connect.

At the opening of the gala last Friday, officially opened by Deputy Mayor Annette Brosnan, Tyson was proud to announce the winners of the Gordon Harris / Team Coldicutt Premier Award of $ 2,000 as well as six highly recommended prizes worth of $ 200 each.

The first prize went to Russell Mayne for his landscape painting “Kaimanawa”, followed by highly recommended prizes.

The Edges Art + Framing Award went to Mark Simpson for “Hauaru Kite Rawhiti”, the Humanity Books and Fine Arts Award to Judith Milner for “Pit Stop”, the Boyd Dunlop Gallery Award to Helen Kerridge for “Nigel Looks Up”, the Hawke’s Bay Inkers Award to Patrick Tyman for ‘Sunflowers’, the Bay Canon Award to Jani Dixon for ‘In the Garden’ and the Blue Wall Award to Max Crossan for ‘Dystopian Landscapes No.6’.

Congratulations to Russell Mayne and the six highly recommended recipients.

It was an amazing time for each winning artist and the sponsors who presented their awards.

A big thank you to all our supporters who made this event possible. In addition to the sponsors of the award, we would like to thank Rothbury Insurance, Scenic Circle Hotel Te Pania, Crab Farm Winery, Pub Charity Ltd and Liberty Fowler for their generosity in providing the means to organize the competition, the private opening event , the coach’s speech and the resulting exposure.

In addition, a big thank you to our esteemed coach Tyson Campbell for all his hard work, and to Deputy Mayor Annette Brosnan for her presence and the opening of the exhibition.

Be sure to schedule a visit to see this incredible exhibit, and if you love a piece, support the artist who made it with a purchase.

There is something in this diverse collection to suit every budget.

After all this excitement, it’s hard to think that the great work that is currently filling our galleries will be gone in a little over two weeks, to make way for the CAN Christmas Makers Market.

However, save the date for our long-awaited Christmas Market Preview Night on Friday December 10th from 5pm to 7pm. Enjoy light refreshments and be one of the first to browse the stalls filled with quality goodies.

Check everyone off your Christmas list in one fell swoop, meet your friends, and treat yourself to pre-Christmas retail therapy.

Locally made art isn’t stuck in containers on the ocean, it’s here at CAN. Just a reminder to scan, socially distance yourself, and wear a mask while you’re here and we hope to see you soon.

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