Art review: Zach Horn’s ‘Finding Winslow Homer’ takes us on a coastal adventure

“Islands” oil on canvas, by Zach Horn. Maria Skillings / Time Record.

Famous for its shipbuilding and nautical artifacts, the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath has gone beyond its standards to display the work of a living artist.

Artist Zach Horn has taken his love of the Maine coast and his admiration for Maine painter Winslow Homer to titillate the senses and create a coastal adventure. The exhibit is like a short vacation through Maine’s natural treasures, starting with crashing waves, shining islands, a walk in the forest, and a picnic at the beach.

The show kicked off this summer and will run until November 27.


Upon entering the exhibition, you are immediately drawn to the sound of the sea and the croaking of seagulls.

Using paint on Plexiglas and stop-motion animation, Horn created video screens depicting the illusion of waves moving in real time from the vantage point of standing at the foot of Winslow Homer’s house in Prout’s Neck – where Homer created some of his best work.

Horn’s piece titled “Islands” is impressive not only for its size but also for its optical illusion. When you stand in front of the artwork, which covers the entire back wall of the gallery, you feel like you’re knee-deep in the ocean, watching the morning sun hit the treetops of the adjacent islands.

Horn even creates the right drinks and snacks for families on picnics. A painting titled “5 O’Clock” features a collage of colors and glasses full of beer, framed by twinkling lights in the shape of lemons.

“Peanut Butter and Jelly III” oil and acrylic on canvas by Zach Horn. Maria Skillings / Time Record.

After the drinks, your appetite will be sated with a canvas filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

If you love Maine or are a Winslow Homer fan, this is the exhibit to see.

The best way to describe “Finding Winslow Home” is a feel-good “swim” down memory lane.

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