Art review: bold and courageous Picasso Ceramics exhibition not to be missed

You can still go to Holmegaard Værk to see ‘Picasso – A Tribute to Ceramics’ before the end of the show on October 23.

A nice day trip
Holmegaard Værk, which opened in the former Holmegaard Glassworks in 2020, is a new museum dedicated to glass, ceramics and design.

It’s an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, so a great day trip, and if you’re up for a meal on your outing, the restaurant, also called Holmegaard, has some of the best open sandwiches in Denmark.

Refreshing scenography
Ceramics from the American Rosenbaum collection are presented for the first time in Denmark. It’s a small exhibition of 42 pieces, which is very nice, since you can indulge in each piece without getting overwhelmed.

The show’s scenography is bold and courageous, which is quite rare in Danish museums. For example, Picasso’s famous striped T-shirt inspired the decoration of the pillars and even the clothing worn by the staff.

It is very well composed, with an “owl tree” in the middle of the exhibition surrounded by seating areas that invite you to admire everything. Each ceramic piece is protected by beautiful handmade glass made by the skilled artisans of Holmegaard Værk. They are placed in such a way that one can walk around each work and see it from all sides.

Workshops and masters at work
During your stay at Holmegaard Værk you can also experience the open glass studio where excellent international glassblowers show their skills.

Or you can take part in one of the many workshops and masterclasses in ceramics, glass and design.

Consult the program every week here.