A famous black work of art sells for more than $15 million at auction

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Last week, the Sugar Shack painting sold for over $15 million as one of the most famous black art paintings of all time.

Recognized as a must-have work of art, particularly in the black community, artist Ernie Barnes’ 1976 painting The Sugar Shack sold at an auction in New York on May 12 for a just under $15.3 million per Lady Black.

The historic sale of the painting went to Houston-based entrepreneur and energy trader Bill Perkins.

dark art uniquely tells our story.

By Lady Blackits price of $15.275 million was 27 times the auction record previously set by Barnes and well above the estimated selling price of $150,000-200,000 for The Sugar Shack at Christie’s auction last week .

“I stole it – I would have paid a lot more”, Perkins Told The New York Times after its purchase. “For some segments of America, it’s more famous than the mona-lisa.”

Iconic black art depicts a bustling stage filled with black dancers and musicians – all wrapped up in their bliss-filled bodies, organic rhythms, and shared space.

The piece is painted in a style classified as Romantic Black.

Black art can be appreciated long after its artists have hung up their brushes.

According Lady Black, the Houstonian fended off 22 other high bidders in an intense 10-minute battle for the board. Later on Instagram, he later wrote, “A childhood dream come true happened tonight.”

The sugar shack is most recognizable for his feature throughout multiple seasons of the ’70s sitcom Good timeand its display on Marvin Gaye’s fourteenth studio album, 1976 I want you.

Barnes – a former NFL football player – said in a 2002 interview this The sugar shack was inspired while growing up in Durham, North Carolina and “not being able to go to a dance I wanted to go to when I was 11”.

Barnes died of complications from leukemia in 2009 at the age of 70, according at Deadline. Nonetheless, the portrait he painted continues to resonate with art lovers and black art lovers.