The art movement of surrealism was born from revolutionary and consciousness-transforming roots just after the First World War. Although it no longer has the counterculture, anti-colonialist sayings it once espoused, Surrealism retains its intent to provoke deeper meaning and reflection through a twist or even a sideways take on howRead More →

He’s back in the news. OB’s own “Whistler”, Matt Baker, who drew national attention and derision when videos of him at the County Board of Supervisor whistling and ranting went viral. This time, Baker made an artwork commemorating the OB woman who was killed trying to storm the Capitol onRead More →

If I ever find myself thinking about paper or printed art, my mind hardly ever wanders off to ghosts. However, as I browsed through Stelo’s group exhibit, “Coalesce,” I couldn’t get the ghosts out of my mind. On each piece of the show hangs the ubiquitous and disturbing spirit ofRead More →