Austin’s Art Shop operated in downtown Brevard for 73 years. William Charles Austin and his wife, Mildred Galbraith Austin, were both New York natives and trained photographers. William was a disabled World War I veteran who taught photography at the Southern School of Photography in McMinnville, Tennessee, before the familyRead More →

Gillian Wear, Self-portrait at three years old2004. Photo: © Gillian Wearing In the early 1990s, conceptual artist Gillian Wearing began to make a name for herself creating guerrilla-style faith-based performances with volunteers she recruited from the streets or from newspaper advertisements. At the time, she was in her twenties andRead More →

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Cathy Cone “A Capella Crack” Like visual analogues of a foreign language, Cathy ConeThe black and white photographs of escape easy interpretation. Viewers may wonder what happened just before an image was created, or if any clues to the mystery lurk beyond the frame. WhatRead More →