Travelers who flock to this popular New Orleans art destination are as enthralled by the art as they are the man behind the work. Share this article SUpon entering Dr. Bob’s iconic boutique in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, curious strollers will find themselves among hundreds of his instantlyRead More →

In his new exhibition “Alone In This Together”, now presented at M. David et Cie Gallery, painter Mary DeVincentis expresses the heightened sense of mortality that has resonated throughout the past year of the pandemic. Using mixed media, ranging from flash paint to plastic skeletons, DeVincentis creates poignant narratives drawnRead More →

There is a certain amount of energy and movement in all art forms. Theater, dance and music all share clear paths to exuberance and animation. Visual art can also take the form of form and energy. “Afterimages: Geometric Abstraction and Perception,” on display at the Akron Art Museum through Jan.Read More →

Barry Whitehouse, owner and manager of The Artery, has launched his own hand-painted watercolor painting – “Barry’s Paintbox” – to mark his company’s 11th anniversary. (Photo submitted) The Artery art store on Parsons Street opened 11 years ago this month. Barry Whitehouse, owner and director of The Artery, has launchedRead More →