“UNUM” is the name of Blessing Hancock’s signature artwork that has been approved as a permanent public artwork to be placed in the Courthouse Square. The play emphasizes innovation, diversity and commitment as core values ​​of Santa Rosa. Hancock describes UNUM as a volumetric shape of stainless steel that willRead More →

A new public artwork that celebrates community and nature will be installed at the West Vancouver Community Center next year. The artwork, titled “Small Worlds”, is designed to complement the installation’s vibrant outdoor space and encourage community interaction. Upgrade the West Van donated $ 100,000 to the District of WestRead More →

Created by Dave Rapoza Artist Dave rapozacommits Castlevania is one of my favorite exterior interpretations that I have seen. Simon Belmont – Castlevania – (link to Cook and Becker’s limited print below!) pic.twitter.com/12rmOlA7F5 -Dave Rapoza (@DaveRapoza) December 1, 2020 In his new work of art – available like an impressionRead More →